After 8 months of trying to get pregnant, I found Anjali. I was 39 years old and worried about infertility after not conceiving for such a long period of time. In her calm and positive ways, Anjali suggested acupuncture. The acupuncture was calming and relaxing. After a month or two, my fertility doctor said it was time to begin thinking seriously about IVF, due to my age. Not wanting to go down that road, I expressed my concerns to Anjali. She suggested trying a Shamanic Healing. A “What?” I asked. I had never been exposed to any energy work before and had never heard of a chakra. She explained that sometimes when there’s no physical explanation for not getting pregnant, then there may be an energetic reason which we could clear. She said problems of the body require physical medicine, but problems of the soul require energy medicine. I was ready to try anything! As it turned out, the healing was completely nuts but very interesting. I didn’t feel much as she worked to remove a veil between me and the spirit world. But after that session, I missed my next period and realized I was pregnant! I had a totally comfortable 40 weeks of pregnancy (I kept going for acupuncture) and have a beautiful baby boy as a result. I also referred to Anjali several women from my office who also couldn’t get pregnant (was something in the water?!), and after several months each one of them conceived. I thank Anjali for a natural and soothing approach to solving infertility problems at age 40!

Barbara, Education Consultant