Meditations (High Self)

Meditation is an ancient tool to wake up your connection with your High Self.  Too often our Low Self (ego) takes control of our minds, dictates our actions, and is unwilling to shift out of its comfort zone.  By taking the time to quiet the mindless chatter and allow our High Self to take the reigns, we can once again access and operate from the part of our being that has always been connected to spirit, the universe, and the sacred.  With breathwork, chants, and guided meditations, you will learn how to be the master of your own awakening, health, and wellbeing.

There are many studied benefits of meditation such as promoting relaxation; relieving stress, anxiety, and physical and emotional pain; improving sleep; and increasing self-awareness and compassion.  Each week, we will bring you meditation practices from around the world, including Qi Gong, Ayurvedic breathwork, Yoga Nidra, Sanskrit chants, Tibetan sutras, and Law of Attraction. Guided by our expert meditation panel, you will learn a different meditation each week to empower your weekly focus, find inner peace, align with happiness, and open a path of inner discovery.  Wake up your healer within.