1. INTENT: Healing acute back and neck pain after a minor boating accident

    HEALING: There was static in Andrew’s energy field, as if he was watching an old tv with no signal. The chaos and noise were nauseating, stuck around his throat and heart chakras, choking him. There was an energetic swelling of his lower body, as the top half of his aura had collapsed and folded in half, leaving his upper body energy empty, like skin and bones. Two of Andrew’s spirit guides ca…Read More

  2. INTENT: Stepping into Personal Power

    HEALING: Katerina is swimming underwater. It is clear aqua and breathtaking as she opens her eyes, looking for the sun. She lies on her back, looking up at the layers of water above her. Brown debris is floating beneath her, green algae, getting lighter and clearer as the water thrashes above. It is as if she is waking from a dream. As she comes into consciousness, she feels a pulling downward, a …Read More

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    INTENT: Recovering from loss and isolation

    HEALING: Burnt pieces of paper and ash floated around Cassie’s energy field, the debris that floats up when something is burnt in a fire. Black smoke hung around her, fogging her vision and making her cough. As the healing light came in, the soot and smoke cleared away. She traveled along a winding cobblestone street, circling around the mountainside. She wore a white Grecian dress, long and flo…Read More