(Sun) Anjali Hasija, MS, L.Ac.

Founder of SATORI

Having envisioned a Holistic Studio in the heart of NYC when she was 20 yrs old, Anjali has been dedicated to her private healing practice in Manhattan for over 15 years.  She is now excited to bring her healing visions to the world with Satori’s Sacred Studio. (Read full bio here)

(Earth) Auristela Guardia (Caracas, Venezuela)

(Stars) Gina O’Connor (Netherlands)

(Moon) Leslie Padgett (NYC)

(High Self) meditation teachers

  • Sommer Plotnick (Las Vegas, NV) Qi Gong, Ayurvedic breathwork
  • Mark Thornton (Sweden)
  • Charlotte Af Geijerstam (Sweden)
  • Khenpo Samdup (Tibet)
  • Elizabeth Blocker Ebaugh (DC)
  • Smita Sharma (NYC)- yoga nidra


  • Birdie Lawson (NYC)
  • Fran “Little Wolf” Rodriguez (Tampa, FL)
  • Michael Butler (NYC)
  • Daniel Camburn (NYC)- Chinese herbs
  • Anamaria Pontes (NYC)- Ayurvedic Analysis & Nutrition
  • Vlada Gelozia (NYC)- Homeopathy


  • Anjali Hasija- Shamanic Healing, Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Auristela Guardia- Avatar, Shamanic, and Theta Healing
  • Gina O’Connor- Integrated Light Healing, Pleiadian Stars Healing, Tree Healing, Apu (Mountain) Healing, Ancestor Healing, Angel Healing, Pachamama (Earth) Connection, DNA Cleansing, Manifesting, Chakana Protection, Orion Stars Initiation, Pleiadian Stars Initiation
  • Leslie Padgett- Astrology Readings
  • Birdie Lawson- Tarot, Dream Interpretation
  • Fran Rodriguez- Shamanic and intuitive healings
  • Michael Butler- Osirus readings
  • Sommer Plotnick- Energy healing, Qi Gong, and Meditation
  • Daniel Camburn- Chinese herbal consultations
  • Anamaria Pontes- Nutrition consultations & Ayurveda
  • Vlada Gelozia- Homeopathy


One of our favorites from Yelp:

LOVE THIS PLACE!! I would give it 400 stars if I could. I work exclusively with Anjali, after both my cousin and my aunt worked with both her and her mother, and I can’t praise her enough.

I’m currently going through a divorce, and life has been sad, tired, tearful and stressful, and oddly, every time I leave her studio I feel strong, lively, self-aware and certain, none of which are me and this divorce.

I have a food science background, and when my cousin and aunt pointed me to Anjali, I was somewhat skeptical, but she’s been changing my life. 100%.

I love her, she’s magic, she’s direct, she’s loving, and she is getting me through this.

Run to her! But don’t take my slot 😉

-Hannah G