This is Satori, your path to awakening the beauty and wellness that live within, a sacred space away from the busyness of daily life. Satori is the ultimate place to improve the harmony in your world.

At Satori, our knowledgeable wellness and beauty therapists will use the wisdom from nature and timeless practices to create a signature Satori experience that remains with you long after your session has ended. You will be inspired to carry the tranquility you feel into your life to foster lasting transformation.

At Satori, the integration of Western science and cutting-edge beauty therapies with effective, centuries old Eastern holistic approaches, creates a space for visible radiance and results. We invite you to let go and open to a new experience. Satori is a place where you will find beauty and wellness can be part of a mindful daily practice, or when the tensions of life call you to realignment.

Immerse yourself in a world of expert care and sacred ritual where you are nurtured and enveloped in a customized beauty and wellness experience that although powerful, is simple in its approach and mindful of your time. Each Satori experience is tailored to your goals and intentions, to help you cultivate greater inner health, strength, radiant beauty and clarity. Awaken your best, most beautiful life and self.

Your journey awaits...



"For months, I had been battling issues with my voice…experiencing symptoms of hoarseness and fatigue after short periods of speaking and singing. I did the necessary run of seeing several ear and voice specialists to investigate what could be wrong.  All my results came back normal, but I KNEW something was not right. I went to see my regular physician for another recommendation, and that was when he referred me to Anjali at Satori. I had known about acupuncture, reiki, and shamanic healings prior but never considered it as an option for my vocal therapy. It was exactly what I needed. After one session, I experienced a physical change. I noticed the tension in my vocal chords was lessening and my hoarseness was getting better.  I went for two more sessions before I went out on a six-week tour. I had no problems singing after that. I continue to see Anjali for any physical and emotional work that I need.  I would recommend this form of therapy to everyone I know…and I have!  It has gone on to help so many others I care about.  Sometimes a little work from within is really all you need."

- Melanie Fiona, 2 time Grammy winning singer